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3600mAh Mini Handheld Fan Portable Semiconductor Refrigeration Cooling

3600mAh Mini Handheld Fan Portable Semiconductor Refrigeration Cooling

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Power method: USB


Size: 58x78x160MM


Noise: 36dB or less


Rated voltage: 5V


Rated power: 3600 mAh


Function: Cooling, phone stand, digital display


Number of fan blades: no fan blades


Endurance: 6-8 hours


Color: Blue, white, pink


Weight: 250g




LED Display: The mini cooling fan comes with a digital display that shows the current wind speed and battery level when it is working. Additionally, the small fan's battery level indicator does also serve as a reminder to charge it before this mini fan runs out of power.


Foldable Design: handheld fan adopts a foldable design and have a detachable base . It can be used as a handheld fan outdoors or as a phone stand, and also can be used as a mini desktop fan in office. What's more, you can install the lanyard to free your hands and become a neck fan.


Cooling Ice Sheet: our mini handheld fan Built-in semiconductor refrigeration sheet, stainless steel surface, drawing and polishing, clean, making cold and cool experience better.


USB Rechargeable: With its built-in high capacity 3600mAh batteries, the portable fan can work for 5-16hours when fully charged. You can charge this mini battery operated fan with any USB device since it is working with all USB ports.


3 Speeds Settings: Our mini fan supports 3 adjustable speeds, you can simply press power button to change fan speeds. small battery powered hand fan is good for fight against hot flashes , also a good helper for dry eyelash, skin cream, and spray under makeup.


How to use:


The first time you use please fully charged before use.


Digital tube function.


1. short press the switch fan on 1 digital tube display "1", 2 digital tube display "2", 3 digital tube display "3".


2. double-click the switch digital tube to display the power percentage value for 5 seconds, and then automatically return to the display for the gear.


3. long press the switch to open the refrigeration when the upper right corner of the snowflake refrigeration icon light, and again long press to close the refrigeration when the snowflake icon off.


4. charging flashing lightning symbol, full charge the lightning symbol to stop flashing, turn to long light, unplugged lightning symbol off.


Key Description:


Short press: press the first time, small wind; press the second time, medium wind; press the third time, large wind; press the fourth time, turn off the fan.


Long press: press the first time to turn on the cooling, and then press to turn off the cooling.


Package included:


1 x Handheld Fan

1 x Base

1 x USB Cable

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